Mysterious Lost Cities In Amazon Rain Forest 🔥🔥🔥

Mysterious Lost Cities In Amazon Rain Forest To Be Discovered

Mysterious Lost Cities In Amazon Rain Forest 🔥🔥🔥

Mysterious Lost Cities In Amazon Rain Forest Still Waiting To Be Discovered, From the city of Z in the Amazon jungles to the missing wonder of the world, here are 5 ancient cities that are still there, waiting to be found !!!

1. The City of Z

The City of Z:-  Occasionally, a legend grows up not only because of the spread around people but because of the people who got lost trying to prove it !! Such as Colonel Percy Fawcett, and the legend of the city of Z. 

While the Conquistadores were the first to truly search for ancient lost cities in the jungles of South America, and in 1925 made another search for a lost city. 

Colonel Percy Fockett and his team went to the Brazilian forests to find a place they called "Z", which would later be known as "City of Z". 

He gave strict orders that should he not give signs of life till 1927, no one should look for him. So why was he so dedicated to finding this city? Well, his journey began in 1906, when he was approached by the Royal Geographical Society to conduct some surveys on the land between Brazil and Bolivia. 

He later arranged for further expeditions and mapped the Amazon lot. He earned the stories of Britain's liberal explorers and their lives and forests with spiders, the size of the Chihuahuasara that Indiana Jones was the inspiration behind. 

While doing some research, he found a document in 1753 by an explorer. The explorer wrote that he had found a city within the Mato Grosso region of the Amazon rainforest. 

The place was clearly in the Greek style and was silver-laden. Over the following years, Fawcett worked on several expeditions to continue mapping and searching, and to find the City of Z, but with no success. 

Anyone who has been to Amazon or an important forest knows that it is not easy to find out. Perhaps it is also impossible if you are not properly equipped. 

Many people who joined Favet in their campaigns died of illness, injury, or animal attacks. His last letter before his disappearance stated that he was trekking through the region and hoped to send good news soon. 

No letter ever came and despite his request, rescue teams were then sent to him and more than 100 people lost their lives looking for a sign of his or Z's city. 

Despite this, many expeditions have occurred in the jungles of South America and many cities have been rediscovered from the forest. 

For example, in 2003, a large-scale pre-Colombo certification was called Kuhikugu. Could it be Z's lost city?

2. The history of Azlan

The history of Azlan has taught us anything, this is where you start is just as important as how you end. Which introduces one of the biggest mysteries to the Aztec people. 

During their prime, the Aztec Empire was one of the most powerful empires the world has ever seen. But, history is entangled in a unique aspect ... they don't know where the Aztecs came from. 

History proves that they were from Mexico, where they dominated for a long time, but they basically moved there. 

So ... where did they go? Many suspect a hidden origin, lost for a time, the island of Azlan. What is the basis of this claim? Well, it comes from a Nahalhat legend. 

At one time, seven tribes lived near each other but did not communicate. Then eventually they came to live together in caves. 

At some point, they realized that they speak the same language, so they decided to come together to live in a place called Azlan. 

Eventually, the people of Azlan moved from their island home to the Valley of Mexico and became Aztec people. 

Actually migration to Mexico. So much so that the date of his stay is in the first solar year on his calendar, 1064 AD. 

Despite the legend though, and many expeditions to find Azlan or even definitive proof of its existence, nothing has been found. 

The name "Azlan" means "place in the north", so people have searched not only Mexico but parts of the United States for the missing ancient city.

3. The Hanging Garden of Babylon

The Hanging Garden of Babylon: - The Hanging Garden of Babylon is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. However, here is the twist, it has never actually been found. 

So if it has never actually been found, then why is it such a famous piece of history? Well, it all started with a document written by Berosus of Babylon. 

Who noted that around 600 BCE, King Nebuchadnezzar II built the Hanging Garden in honor of his wife, Emmitis. 

According to the documentation, the garden did not actually hang, but, because of how the plants grew in the gardens, it was beautifully draped over the architecture. 

However, the subject of the Hanging Gardens is difficult, as Babylon was present, and many feel that the city was actually now in Iraq. 

Despite knowing where the city was, the gardens were not clear. Furthermore, outside Berosus, only other documentation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon was mentioned by a Greek historian named Diodorus Siculus. 

There is no other mention of it anywhere. So was it only a garden, or was it an extension of the city? Was it a compound? This is quite a historical puzzle and we have been talking long ago. 

There may be a logical explanation for this, despite a search expedition for them that no trace of the Hanging Garden has been found. 

Some say the earthquake destroyed the gardens shortly after the second century. Another possibility is that the sand of the area eventually consumed the gardens, which have occurred throughout history. What exactly was this surprise, and what happened to it?

4. El Dorado

El Dorado: - The name of this mythical city was "The City of Gold". The city has been lost to history for centuries, and there have been many, many discoveries for the place. 

But how did the legend begin? Well, it all started in the 16th century, when explorers in Europe heard about the "New World" and tried to find more of it, and decided to take it for themselves ... one of Spanish more Th… The nations sent Conquistadores to work to find out what was in an aggressive new world. 

Depending on how well aware you are of history, you know how it happened. In South America, most likely in Colombia, he began to hear a rumor. 

A rumor about the city of gold at a high place in the mountains spread so much that the king himself was actually covered in gold dust. 

The Spanish themselves came upon a tribe that would cover themselves in gold. He called Chief El Dorado, which meant golden because he covered himself in gold dust and other gold jewelry from head to toe and bathed in the lake. 

The tribe would throw gold items into the lake during religious ceremonies and so the Spanish asked themselves, where did the gold come from? Should be a city full of bus stuff. 

And so the legend of the city was born. The legends have changed over the years, but the intentions were still the same, find the city, and claim the gold. 

As you know, no one has found it yet. Or maybe they have and just silenced it! This can also be a good strategy! 

Many famous people have led campaigns to find El Dorado, including the famous British Sir Walter Raleigh. He actually led the expedition twice to find the city!

It .. didn't go well ... all. Many TV shows and films have referred to Eldorado over the years or even focused on the plot. Including the fan's favorite animated film "The Road to Eldorado". 

It is also featured in video games, including Unsorted Drake's Fortune. It is not difficult to imagine why the myth and the legend of El Dorado still remains today, an intriguing legend to be sure. 

A city made entirely of gold… it makes you wonder if such a city ever existed. Maybe it is still covered deep in the jungle or swallowed up by an earthquake or a flash flood… either way, the legend continues and the City of Gold will always be out for those who thrill you. , Seek wealth, and true and infinite glory. For all those who dare to dare for it. I salute you.

5. Atlantic

Atlantis sounds, the largest and longest-reigning legend of a city rumored to be out there, yet to be found yet… is Atlantis. 

It is interesting to note that Atlantis has become an important part of our world's culture. We talk about Atlantis even though we can actually confirm that it was a real place. 

However, many people think that it was exploring the oceans, and even to this day, the deserts dried up. It may also be that because we have recently discovered some lost cities, and new technology, the idea of   Atlantis may not be so yet. 

The first record of Atlantis, which is being cited, dates back to 360 BC. By the great philosopher Plato. He described an island nation that had more advanced technology in the world than before or possibly since. 

Furthermore, it was said that there was a navy that was unmatched. Then, it was punished by the gods and it sank due to a natural disaster. (God or not) Regardless, there have been many, many attempts and to find definitive evidence that Atlantis exists, and while it has gone on, many stories within the pop culture about Atlantis as a nation and Are legends. 

Disney films are, and of course, DC Comics and Marvel, each with its own interpretation of what Atlantis is and what is not. 

In DC Comics, Atlantis was drowned by the gods, or after Neptune used its mythical trident to save the city from danger, depending on the time period and has lived on the ocean floor ever since. 

It is actually a mythical city with very advanced technology, as well as magic. And it is one of the houses of Arthur Curry, AK Aquaman. 

Atlantis has always played a big role in the DC Comics universe. For Marvel, their version of Atlantis is not grand, but it is ruled by Sub-Mariner aka Namor, who is actually part of Mutant and an ally of the X-Men. 

To find out where Atlantis can happen in real life, what happened to Atlantis, be sure to watch this video !! Archaeologists and historians are looking for it right now! 

The grandeur of the legend alone deserves the top spot of cities that have been lost and are yet to be discovered. 

And you just know that IF Atlantis has been discovered, and it is half as much as the picture itself, as true as the world will never be the same. 

Thanks for reading it! Be on the lookout for these lost cities! Which of them would you like to be found for real? Tell us in the comments! Subscribe and see it next time!

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